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Our Story

Sugar and Tempt began as a lockdown project and has grown to be a well-loved cookie brand based in Auckland. Originally used as a review and recipe sharing platform, it has evolved to include pop-up cookie sales that have had overwhelming success. Having started off with just a single flavour, we are gradually adding more to our cookie collection. 

Our original recipes are inspired by New York Style Cookies, that are crunchy on the outside, gooey in the middle and tasty all the way through. We strive to use the finest chocolate and highest quality ingredients for your utmost enjoyment. 

We are proud of the recipes we have developed, and we are confident that you will love them as much as we do. 

The Sugar and Tempt Team x

Meet the Team

Tiffany Photo


Founder and Director of Sugar and Tempt
Tiffany is the Founder and Director of Sugar and Tempt. She is a professional pastry chef in training, and has an admiration for baking, food and flavour combinations. 

Tiffany started Sugar and Tempt as she has a creative vision and loves to bring recipes to life through content creation. When she isn’t developing recipes, you’ll catch her brunching away or finding the next hot food spot. As a previous high performance Lacrosse player, she likes to keep up her fitness by going to the gym, and maintaining her work-life balance.

Branding and aesthetic are also things that Tiffany has an eye for detail for. She loves to set up photoshoots, design content and make videos; our entire instagram is a credit to her creative vision
Stephen Photo


Strategy and Support
Accountant by day, cookie taste tester by night. Stephen is Tiffany’s older brother, and responsible for refining our strategies and crunching our numbers. He is an Excel whiz and has been a crucial part of Sugar and Tempt’s beginnings. 

Stephen is an ex powerlifter, and still loves to hit the gym after his day in the office. He is currently studying towards his Chartered Accountant qualification, but still manages to find the time to put his head down and focus on all things Sugar and Tempt. 

He is the ultimate foodie, and is open to trying all flavours, textures and cuisines. This means that despite being an annoying older brother, he is an asset to the team as he is always up to test and critique Tiffany’s cookies.
Olivia Photo


Marketing and Operations
Olivia met Tiffany in their first year of uni, where they became fast friends bonding over their love for food. Olivia spends way too much money at eateries, and justifies it as contributing to the economy. 

At Sugar and Tempt, Olivia is in charge of our marketing and operations, which includes overseeing content schedules and communications. Outside of Sugar and Tempt she studies Finance, Commercial Law and Statistics. She also spends most of her free time at the pool, where she plays underwater hockey, and is currently training for the World Championships.

Olivia is both beauty and brains, and has played a pivotal role in the development of Sugar and Tempt with her quick-thinking and impressive ideas
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